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Other UNIX Audio and MIDI Software

New Additions


Please note that the condition of the software listed ranges from alpha-stage models to fully developed commercial packages. Some of it may not compile and/or run on your system without some determined hacking.

A Call To Developers !

Musings, August 1999

Plug-and-Play Hardware is a good article about configuring PnP devices using the isapnptools package. In his well-written and very useful text author David Cantrell walks the reader through the entire process of installing and configuring an AWE32 PnP soundcard. I hope to see more of this sort of article, and I would also like to see an archive established for the express purpose of collecting the numerous FAQs and HOWTOs concerning soundcards in use with Linux. Any volunteers ?

Developer Juhana Sadeharju has officially placed his GASP materials on-line. These pages constitute a manifesto for his GNU Audio Software Project and are a call to other developers to coordinate various Linux audio projects. Juhana is no newcomer to Linux sound software development, so please take a look at his site and let him know what you think.

Linux maven Paul Winkler has updated and moved his invaluable Linux Audio Quality HOWTO. This page is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve audio record & playback quality from the soundcards supported by Linux. If you have any information to share regarding the improvement of sound from your card please let Paul know about it, he would like to make this page as comprehensive as possible.

Linux Today interviews icecast developer Jack Moffitt in a streaming MP3 broadcast available here. You'll need a player capable of reading playlists and handling streaming MP3 audio. Xmms is recommended.

Francois Dechelle has announced that the wonderful jMax is now an open-source project covered by the GNU Public License. This is fantastic news, and congratulations are due to the entire team at IRCAM. Francois also pointed out that a new version of jMax is now available on the ftp server, so go get it, build it, test it, and let the team know what you think of it.

I have dropped the "(*)" indicator to show that I have not tested the tagged software. It was adding to the clutter so I decided to let it go. However, don't assume that I'm testing everything I list. I'd like to, but there just isn't enough time. Also, please do not write to me for support for packages I do not maintain. I don't mean to sound rude, but I simply cannot make the time to answer questions regarding kernel configuration, soundcard recommendations and installation, sound system setup, etc. I believe you can find answers to such questions by searching the listings on this site. If you're truly stumped, I'll try to help as I'm able, but please do your homework first.

New Additions, August 1999:

Software Sound Synthesis & Music Composition Languages

Soundfile Editors

Music Notation Editors

MIDI Software

See also Rosegarden

Hard-disk Recording and Mixing Systems

See also Snd and PWscripts

Speech Synthesis & Analysis Software

Signal Analysis/Processing Software

Scopes & Realtime Visualizers

File Conversion Utilities

See also Convert 1.4

Some Csound Helpers

See also Rosegarden and OS Emulation

Some Cmix Helpers

Other Neat Sound Stuff

Players & Recorders | CD Software | Demos | Digital DJ | Drumming | File Compression | Game Things

Guitar Software | Java Things | Mixers | MOD Trackers/Players | MPEG Players/Encoders | Musicians Utilities

Network Audio | Radio | Unusual

Other UNIX Audio & MIDI Software

See also 4Front and Software Synthesis

Sound Cards & Drivers

Tools To Make Tools...


Questionables: Has anyone compiled these for Linux ?

Other Documentation...

Mail Lists & Newsgroups

Other Linux Sound + MIDI Pages

And Now For Something Rather Different...

I have also read that Encore will open under WINE, but I have been unable to confirm that report. Please note that WINE is very much in development and cannot yet be considered a stable environment. Nevertheless, all of these emulators open Linux to even more useful software, and I recommend them highly to any Linux users desiring the best of all possible sound & music worlds.

I am constantly searching the Net for interesting MIDI and sound apps for Linux.
If you know of anything you think I should add to this list, please notify me.

Dave Phillips
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Linux Csound

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