MDL Chemscape Chime Sample Page

Chemscape ChimeTM

MDL Chemscape ChimeTM is a Netscape Navigator plug-in which makes it easy to embed chemical structures within an HTML page. Structures are rendered from industry-standard input files such as MDL's MolFile or, as in the example to the left, Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB) files. Each Chime plug-in is "live"; you can use the right mouse button (click and hold down the mouse button on the Macintosh) to modify properties of the plug-in (try it!)

The Chime plug-in can also be used in HTML tables to display a spreadsheet of chemical structures with their property or activity data:

Spirapril C22 H30 N2 O5 S2
Enalaprilat C18 H24 N2 O5
Trandolapril C24 H34 N2 O5
E-1040 C21 H26 N8 O6 S2
Milrinone C12 H9 N3 O

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