Embedded Spreadsheets

Empty Workbook

Behind each of the following examples is a full featured spreadsheet. You can enter data or formulas into cells, resize columns and rows, even save the spreadsheet to disk.

To access the advanced features of Formula One/NET, click on this empty workbook with the right mouse button and select the Workbook Designer command.

Interactive Table with Embedded URLs

Quite often the content you want to send to a client requires collecting information from the client first via a form. Rather than scripting a cgi and supporting several or many hits to a server for client changes, why not give the client a model that they can interact with?

The following example demonstrates how a spreadsheet, with embedded formulas, can be used in this fashion. Although it may look like a table, by clicking in the "Amount to Invest" field and entering a value you can extrapolate (using historical data) how much an investment could be worth in any of the following mutual funds.

Formula One/NET also supports embedded buttons connected to URLs. In this example, simply click a fund name and you are transferred to the corresponding page on Fidelity Investments Web site.

Interactive Form

In many applications you want to provide a form-like interface for user interaction with some data. Unfortunately, you don't want the client to come back to the server for each different iteration of selections.

This example shows how a loan agency could publish their daily rates and provide added value to a potential customer. This agency could close more loans by showing a customer what their potential payment would be based upon an interest rate and term.

Another Interactive Form

Here is another example of an interactive form. This spreadsheet lets you calculate whether or not you should refinance your home mortgage. This is another good example of why to use Formula One/NET instead of programming a server. A user might calculate this sheet several different times with different data. With Formula One/NET the "application" is on the client's machine, not crossing the wire for every iteration.

Also of note is that spreadsheets can be embedded into tables, just like most any other element giving you greater flexibility in web site design.

To use this example, enter data into the yellow cells to calculate how long it would take to recoup the expense of refinancing your mortgage at a new interest rate.

Here is another example of an interactive form. This spreadsheet lets you calculate whether or not you should refinance your home mortgage. Just fill out the yellow cells to see how many months it would take for you to recoup your costs.

Embedded Chart

With Formula One/NET you can embed charts directly into a workbook. Charts can be updated by changes in the workbook, can be resized, modified and printed. Rather than creating a picture of a chart, why not include a live chart with Formula One/NET.

Below an example sheet with an embedded chart.

More to Follow

These examples are just a few ways you could use Formula One/NET as your Internet spreadsheet. We plan to add more examples in the coming months, so plan to visit us often.