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This page tries to collect some information about spreadsheets with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics education.

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Spreadsheets in Education

Recommended Books and Journals


The Active Modeler - Mathematical Modeling with Microsoft Excel
Erich Neuwirth and Deane Arganbright
Brooks/Cole 2004
Spreadsheets in Science and Engieneering
Gordon Filby
Springer Verlag 1998
with contributions by W.J. Orvis, E. Neuwirth, J.P. LeRoux, R.D. O'Brien,
S. Leharne, F.M. Julian, G. Shaw, A.A. Gorni, J. Walkenbach
Mathematical Applications of Electronic Spreadsheets
Deane Arganbright
McGraw-Hill 1985
Mathematics with Excel
David Sjöstrand
Chartwell-Bratt 1994
Spreadsheet Physics
Charles Misner & Patrick Cooney
Addison-Wesley 1991
Introductory Statistics With Spreadsheets
Donald Piele
Addison-Wesley 1990
Tabellenkalkulation im Mathematikunterricht
Günther Dopfer & Rolf Reimer
Klett-Verlag 1995 (in German)
Practical Handbook of Spreadsheet Curves and Geometric Constructions
Deane Arganbright
CRC Press1995
Mathematik Arbeitsbuch 3 (In German)
Laub-Hruby et al.
hpt-Verlag, Vienna, 1991
Mathematics textbook for grade 7, includes a chapter by Erich Neuwirth on using spreadsheets in mathematics as part of the standard curriculum
Mathematik Arbeitsbuch 4 (In German)
Laub-Hruby et al.
hpt-Verlag, Vienna, 1992
Mathematics textbook for grade 8, includes a chapter by Erich Neuwirth on using spreadsheets in mathematics as part of the standard curriculum
Simply Spreadsheets
Roger Keeling & Senga Whiteman
KW Publications 1990
Spreadsheet examples for grades 3 to 8
Numerical Techniques in Finance
Simon Benninga
MIT Press (1989)
The book uses Lotus as a vehicle for doing financial modeling (pro formas, options, portfolio, bonds)
Financial Modeling
Simon Benninga
MIT Press (1998)
Financial Modeling presents important models in finance and shows how they can be solved numerically and/or simulated using Excel
More info
Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis:
A Practical Introduction to Management Science
Cliff T. Ragsdale
Course Technology, Inc., 1995
This books shows how to use optimization and simulation techniques from Operations Research with Excel
Excel for Chemists
Joseph Billo
John Wiley 1997
Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel
Kenneth N. Berk and Patrick Carey
Duxbury Press 1998
Using Excel to solve everyday statistical problems. Includes an addin with some additional statistical procedures not readily available in Excel.
The Complete Guide To Option Pricing Formulas
Espen Gaarder Haug
McGraw-Hill 1997
The book includes examples and a floppy disk with Excel spreadsheets, as well as visual basic for applications code for almost any option pricing formula used in practice.
More information about this book


Spreadsheets in Education
Online Journal with background information,
didactical considerations, and projects on different levels
Spreadsheet User
John Callender, Robert Jackson, editors
Mathematics Centre, School of Engineering IT
Sheffield Hallam University
Der Mathematikunterricht: Diskrete Mathematik und Tabellenkalkulation,
Special issue of the journal,
Jahrgang 47, Heft 3, Juni 2001

Papers about Spreadsheets in Scientific Journals and Books

Visualizing Correlation with Spreadsheet
Erich Neuwirth
Teaching Statistics, 12, 1990.
Republished in: The Best of Teaching Statistics, 1994
Tabellenkalkulation und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung -
Experimentelle und Strukturelle Überlegungen
(in German)
Erich Neuwirth
In Mittermeir, Kofler und Steinberger Informatik in der Schule -- Informatik für die Schule S. 172-184, 1992
Spreadsheet structures as a model for proving combinatorial identities
Erich Neuwirth
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Education, 14(3), 1995, p. 419-434
Available in
full text as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file
Visualizing structural and formal relationships with spreadsheets
Erich Neuwirth
In DiSessa et al.: The Design of Computational Media to Support Exploratory Learning
Springer-Verlag, 1995
Available in full text as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file
Tabellenkalkulation als alternative Darstellungsform für formale Strukturen
Erich Neuwirth
In H.C. Reichel: Computereinsatz im Mathematikunterricht (hpt-Verlag, 1995)
Spreadsheets: Helpful for Understanding Mathematical Structures
Erich Neuwirth
The Computing Teacher. March 1996, Vol. 89(3)
Technology-Motivated Teaching of Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics
Sergei Abramovich
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Education, 14(3), 1995, p. 391-418
Solving Equations Within Spreadsheet
Ilya Levin & Sergei Abramovich
Computers in Mathematics Teaching, Vol. 11(3/4), 1992, pp. 337-345
Matrix Model of Logical Simulator Within Spreadsheet
Ilya Levin
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education, Vol. 30(4), 1993, pp. 216-223
Microcomputer-Based Discovering and Testing of Combinatorial Identities
Sergei Abramovich & Ilya Levin
Journal of Computers in Mathematics & Science Teaching, 13(2), 1994, pp. 223-246
Behavioral Simulation of an Arithmetic Unit Using the Spreadsheet
Ilya Levin
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education,31, 1994, pp. 334-341
Spreadsheet in Teaching and Learning Topics in Calculus
Sergei Abramovich & Ilya Levin
International Journal of Mathematics in Science and Technology Education, Vol. 25(2), 1994, pp. 105-126
The State Machine Paradigm and The Spreadsheet Learning Environment
Ilya Levin
In: A. J. Smith (ed.) Engineering Education, Increasing Students Participation
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England, 1994, pp. 351-355.
Applications of Spreadsheets in Calclulus
Robert Smith
Proceedings of the First Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, 1995
Applications of Spreadsheets in Precalculus and Calclulus
Robert Smith
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Technology and Education, 1994
Spreadsheets in the Mathematics Classroom
Robert Smith
Pre-coference Proceedings of the IFIP WG 3.1/3.5 Open Conference, 1993
Teaching Precalculus with a Spreadsheet
Robert Smith
Proceedings of the Fifth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Addison-Wesley, 1992
Spreadsheets as a Mathematical Tool
Robert Smith
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 3, 131-149, 1992
Spreadsheets at Joint Meetings in Baltimore
Robert Smith
UME Trends, May 1992
Spreadsheets as Generators of New Meanings in Middle School Algebra.
Abramovich, Sergei & Nabors,Wanda. (1997).
In D.L.Johnson, C.D.Maddux & L. Liu (eds.), Using technology in the classroom (pp. 13-25).
New York: The Haworth Press. (Co-author W. Nabors).
Exploring Prime Numbers within a Spreadsheet.
Abramovich, Sergei (1996).
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 27(5), p. 639-645.
Technology for Deciding the Convergence of Series
Abramovich, Sergei
The Special 25th Anniversary Issue of the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 26(3), pp. 347-366.
Teaching Mathematics through Spreadsheet-Oriented Problem Solving
Abramovich, Sergei, & Brown, Gary
The Mathematics Educator, 6(2), pp. 34-40.
The following papaer have been published in a special issue of a German mathematics education journal:
Der Mathematikunterricht: Diskrete Mathematik und Tabellenkalkulation,
Special issue of the journal,
Jahrgang 47, Heft 3, Juni 2001
Diskrete Mathematik - Neue Impulse für den Mathematikunterricht
Silke Thies
Tabellenkalkulation - ein schrittweise erweiterbares didaktisches Werkzeug
Hans-Georg Weigand
Diskrete Modellbildung und Tabellenkalkulation
Herbert Henning, Mike Keune
Tabellenkalkulation und diskrete Mathematik in der Sekundarstufe 1 - Darstellen und Interpretieren als zentrale Aktivitäten
Gerald Wittmann
Kombinatorik, Rekursion und Tabellenkalkulation
Erich Neuwirth
Das "Spiel des Lebens"
Christian Brühne
Punkteverteilung beim PC-Spiel Solitär
Johannes Blum

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