PopTools: Bugs and FAQ

This page documents known bugs and FAQ about the current version of PopTools. Earlier bugs are documented on the Update History page. 

Please send bug reports to poptools@csiro.au.

Issue Solution
1. PopTools menu item remains after uninstallation Right click on the Excel toolbar. Choose "customize", and then drag the PopTools menu item from the toolbar. 
2. Analysis of large ranges produces a #VALUE result PopTools returns results to Excel via VBA which is limited to range sizes of 5461 elements for Excel 2000 and below. If the output is larger than this, no result will be returned. For some routines, if the output is larger than 5461 elements it is copied to the clipboard so that you can then paste the results into your worksheet. Excel XP and above do not have this limitation.
3. Help file is out of date Yes. The help file is being updated. A small charge will be levied for the new help file when it is released. PopTools itself will remain free for non-commercial use.