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Demonstration files

This menu choice loads Excel worksheets that demonstrate the use of PopTools.

Demo sheet


Analysis of a projection matrixCalculation of rate of increase, age structure, reproductive value and generation times
Randomisation test (two sample)How to conduct a simple randomisation test
Randomisation test (distance matrix)How to conduct a randomisation test on distance matrices (Mantel test)
Correlated variablesHow to generate a sequence of correlated random variables
Covariance matrixSome different ways to compute a variance-covariance matrix for a data matrix of species abundance within plots
GtestCalculation of G - statistic
JollyJolly-Seber estimate of abundance in quadrats or transects
LikelihoodSome simple likelihoods
JackknifeHow to compute Jackknife statistics in Excel
Mantel testHow to use the MANTEL worksheet function
Matrix decompositionsDemo of matrix decompositions - LU, QR, SVD, Cholesky
Matrix projectionDifferent ways to project with matrices
Numerical projectionSimulation of a discrete time process (deterministic)
Numerical projection (stochastic)Simulation of a discrete time process (stochastic)
PBLR testCalculation of the parametric bootstrap likelihood ratio (PBLR) test for density-dependence in a time series
PCADemoCalculation of a principal components analysis
Pollard's testCalculation of the test of Pollard, E., Lakhani, K. H. & Rothery, P. (1987) for density-dependence in a time series
Random variables (general)Generation of random variables using PopTools
Random variables (fast)More information on generation of random variables using PopTools
ResamplingMore information on the routines for shuffling and resampling from data matrices
Sensitivity-ElasticityNumerical sensitivity analysis of "any" model. Sensitivity and elasticity for matrix models
Singular value decompDemo of singular value decomposition