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Installation problems

Some users have reported that PopTools does not install properly on their computers. Usually they get an error message that says "Compile error in hidden module ...  etc ". This error occurs when Excel cannot find the object libraries it needs to compile the VBA components of PopTools. Here are some suggested remedies. 

1. PopTools is only available as an English language version. In general, this does not seem to cause problems, but on some systems PopTools may not be able to establish a reference to SOLVER. If SOLVER is present on your system but has a name other than SOLVER.XLA you might need to obtain a copy of the English version of the SOLVER.XLA file (at least one user reported success using this strategy). 

2. It is also possible that this error occurs because the file RANDEVS.DLL has not been copied to the system directory during the installation process. This could occur if you are not an administrator on an NT machine. If RANDEVS.DLL is not in the system (SYSTEM32) directory, please download RANDEVS.DLL from here, and get an administrator to put it in the SYSTEM32 directory for you.

3. It is also possible that the object libraries such as REFEDIT.DLL or SOLVER are in unusual locations. As far as I can tell, the problem is caused when a new version of Excel has been installed, and old versions of SOLVER.XLA or REFEDIT.DLL have not been removed. To remedy the problem, you need to make Excel aware of the location of these files. You might be able to make Excel recognise the location of these libraries by using them through the VBA editor, as follows:

Open Excel and press ALT-F11. This will open the Visual Basic editor, which looks like this:

Choose a VBA project from the left hand panel [VBAProject (Book2) is selected above]. Then choose TOOLS/REFERENCES. This will open a dialog box like that shown below:

Browse to find "SOLVER" and "Ref Edit Control". Make sure that they are both ticked and then close the dialog box.

Once you have done all this, Excel ought to know the location of these libraries, and should be able to compile PopTools. You can test SOLVER by trying to open the SOLVER dialog.