Music for the

IFIP World conference

The IFIP World conference 1998 in Vienna and Budapest has its own music, Allegretto IFIPiense, composed by Erich Neuwirth and arranged by Darryl Burrows.

The music has been composed and arranged with email support, the two authors never met each other, they only used email to cooperate and exchanging files.

If you want to know more, please read the press release

The IFIP newsletter also has a story about this piece of music.

Music files

This site offers different arrangements of this music as MIDI files and in some other audio formats.
All MIDI files are small (<50 KB), the Mpeg3 files are around 1.5 MB each, and the Real Audio files are around 500 KB each.

Piano only (original theme) MIDI Mpeg3
Pop MIDI Mpeg3
Reggae MIDI Mpeg3
Jazz MIDI Mpeg3
Rock MIDI Mpeg3

These files are ©1996,1998 Erich Neuwirth and Darryl Burrows

Orchestral performance

Video and audio recordings

On August 31, 1998, the composition also was performed at the Wiener Musikvereinssaal.
The arrangement for chamber orchestra was done by Georg Schmetterer, and the piece was performed by the ladies orchestra "Wiener Walzertraum" conducted by Doris Dorer.
This performance has been recorded, and we offer different versions of this recording of the world premiere of Allegretto IFIPiense

Orchestral score and other sheet music

We also offer the conductor's score of the orchestral version and the score of the classical piano version as Adobe Acrobat files.

Additionally, we have a version for the Finale viewer, which allow to read then score while it is being played.

This composition is dedicated to Prof. Heinz Zemanek, one of Europe's computer pioneers and IFIP honorary member.

These files are ©1997,1998 Erich Neuwirth.

This Web site also offers information about Erich Neuwirth's multimedia document about the mathematical foundations of musical temperament.

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