Allegrette IFIPiense - press release

A computer conference with a special twist

The XV. IFIP World Computer Congress, the flagship event of the International Federation of Information processing, has taken place in Vienna and Budapest from August 31 to September 5.

Besides being a major scientific event, this conference had a special twist: it had its own music.

A musical theme composed especially for this conference was used as a jingle to call people back to the lecture rooms after breaks, and it also was played at the conference ceremonies.

This piece of music has a special story that goes with it. Erich Neuwirth, a mathematician and computer scientist at the University of Vienna (and also prize winning author of musical multimedia software) composed a theme in classical style. He decided that for the conference it would be better to have this theme in different styles. Looking for partners he found Darryl Burrows, a former lecturer in mathematics education now running his own music agency in Brisbane. Darryl Burrows created different versions of these theme (Reggae, Jazz, ..) using computer programs for musical arrangements.

These two people only cooperated via email, exchanging MIDI files (MIDI is a standard method for dealing with music on computers). So this music is a joint composition which only could be created with the help of computers and the Internet.

Additionally, a "fully classical" version for chamber orchestra has been arranged. It has been performed by the Ladies Orchestra "Wiener Walzertraum" at the opening ceremony in the "Grosser Musikvereinssaal" (the concert hall where the New Year's Day Concert is performed by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, which is broadcast on TV globally).

Some of the versions used at the conference are available on the World Wide Web.

Just visit the URL

Here you will find not only some MIDI files, but also the scores of the original piano version and the conductor's score of the arrangement for chamber orchestra. For a nominal fee, you also can buy an audio CD with the pop version. You can get it from the Austrian Computer Society

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