S.D. Ratio
Scalable Software Systems
Scatterplot, 2D
Scatterplot, 2D - Categorized Ternary Graph
Scatterplot, 2D - Double-Y
Scatterplot, 2D - Frequency
Scatterplot, 2D - Multiple
Scatterplot, 2D - Regular
Scatterplot, 2D - Voronoi
Scatterplot, 3D
Scatterplot, 3D - Ternary Graph
Scree Plot, Scree Test
Sequential Contour Plot, 3D
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Area
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Column
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Lines
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Mixed Line
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Mixed Step
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Step
Sequential/Stacked Plots, 2D - Step Area
Sequential Surface Plot, 3D
Shewhart Control Charts
Short Run Control Charts
Shuffle data in Neural Networks
Shuffle, Back Propagation in Neural Networks
Sigmoid function
Simplex algorithm
Single Censoring
Singular Value Decomposition
Slicing (Categorizing)
SOFMs (Self-organizing feature maps; Kohonen Networks)
Space Plots 3D
Special Causes
Spectral Plot
Spikes (3D graphs)
Spinning Data (in 3D space)
Spline (2D graphs)
Spline (3D graphs)
Split Selection (for Classification Trees)
Splitting (Categorizing)
Spurious Correlations
Square Root of the Signal to Noise Ratio (f)
Standard Deviation
Standard Error
Standard Error of the Proportion
Standard residual value
Standardized DFFITS
Standardized Effect (Es)
Stars (Icon Plots)
Stationary Series (in Time Series)
Statistical Power
Statistical Significance (p-level)
Steepest Descent Iterations
Stopping Conditions
Stopping Rule (in Classification Trees)
Stub and Banner Tables
Student's t Distribution
Studentized Deleted Residuals
Studentized Residuals
Sum-squared error function
Sun Rays (Icon Plots)
Supervised Learning in Neural Networks
Suppressor Variable
Surface Plot (from Raw Data)
Survival Analysis
Survivorship Function
Symmetric Matrix
Symmetrical Distribution