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                 |             -= README =-             |
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                 |        -= Documentation to =-        |
                 |                                      |
                 |             -= YapBB =-              |
                 |                 1.1                  |
                 |        (Beta Release version)        |
                 |                                      |

                        Contents of this document:

                   I.............. Description
                   II............. Terms of use/License
                   III............ Disclaimer
                   IV............. Features
                   V.............. Requirements
                   VI............. Installation
                   VII............ Configuration
                   VIII........... Basic Administration
                   IX............. Upgrading
                   X.............. Customization
                   XI............. Missing Features
                   XII............ Planned features
                   XIII........... Known bugs
                   XIV............ Reporting bugs
                   XV............. Updates
                   XVI............ Changes
                   XVII........... Newsletter
                   XVIII.......... Home page
                   XIX............ Authors
                   XX............. Credits
                   XXI............ Special notice
                   XXII........... Links
                   XXIII.......... Frequently Asked


 I. Description:

The full name of YapBB is "Yap Bulletin Board" or
"Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board".

This package contains the YapBB software, which is a piece of software that
allows you to set up your own forum board on your site. It has a rich set
of features, of which you can see the full list below. Another great
benefit is that it's completely free (* see 'Terms of use' below for

As far as the source code, I wrote almost everything myself. Later on I got
help from a friend, Sven, who helped me write stuff. :) See below at the
credits for a list of used pieces of code and sources. I also did design
all pages myself, though I had some inspiration from other forum-systems.

 II. Terms of use/License:

Copyright (C) 2000/01  Arno van der Kolk & Sven Vintges

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

--+ Additionally +--

Furthermore, we want to stress out it is strictly not-done to use this
software for illegal activities. Following is a list, which includes (but
is not limited to) some examples of illegal situations:

 * Use this software on a website that offers illegal software. (Including
   but not limited to: 'warez', 'abandon warez', 'cracks', 'no-cd patches')
 * Use this software with the purpose to fundamentally/structurally offer
   illegal software.
 * Use this software for any other illegal activities. (Subject to local

If you cannot or will not comply to these terms, you MUST remove YapBB from
your site and discontinue using it. We suggest you try an alternate piece
of forum software. We are not responsible for any contents on any
installations of YapBB.

 III. Disclaimer:

By using this application, the user agrees that (A) (s)he agrees to the
'Terms of use' (see above) and (B) (s)he is self responsible for the safety
of his/her data. Though this software has not been designed to operate on
files (except for altering the configuration file), the author(s) of this
program do(es) not accept any responsibility for any possible loss of data
resulted by the use of this software.

The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or
implied. In no event shall the author(s) be liable for any claim, damages
or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise,
arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or
other dealings in the software.

 IV. Features:

 * Full featured bulletin board system.
 * A fully featured control panel for easy configuration of YapBB after it
   has been installed.
 * Full configurability, server-side.
 * Many user options using a cookie-based system.
 * Design your own templates for a completely new look for your
   installation of YapBB.
 * Different authentication levels.
 * Optionally spread out long topic-lists and topics over multiple pages
   to save on load times.
 * A complete set of emoticons for use in messages.
 * Special tags that allows you to mimic HTML functionality ("YBB codes").
 * See which people (who specified their UINs in their profiles) are
   online on ICQ ( Mirabilis.com) and send ICQ messages to those persons.
 * See which people are logged in to the board.
 * Certain malicious pieces of texts are automatically filtered out.
 * Complete control over HTML-tags in various fields. This is to prevent
   users from deforming the layout of your forum.
 * Blocking of clones. The same email address can't be used for more than
   one account.
 * Blocking of spammers: lock out certain free web-based email providers.
 * Topics can be shown on the frontpage as announcements.
 * Optional GZIP compression of the output, to save on bandwidth.

See the demo forum for an impression of the possibilities:

 V. Requirements:

You will require the following for propper running of the software:

 * A webserver which will host the scripts.
   We recommend using Apache - http://www.apache.org/
 * A correctly configured PHP script interpreter.
   - http://www.php.net/downloads.php
 * A MySQL server. - http://www.mysql.com/downloads/
 * A cookie-enabled browser for logging in to the system. Any webbrowser
   will do, but it has to be cookie-enabled if you don't want to enter your
   login data each time you post a message.

Some notes concerning PHP: it is advised to upgrade any existing version of
PHP to the latest version when possible. In the PHP3 family that's 3.0.18,
for PHP4 it's 4.0.4pl1 (released 11 Jan 2001). 

Also note that support for sending out emails has to be enabled. Do make
sure that PHP has been configured to NOT give warnings when using
uninitialised variables in scripts. By default, this is the case, so in
most cases you won't have to worry about that. (See FAQ at the bottom.)

We'd also recommend using phpMyAdmin. This is a script which you install on
your webserver, which makes managing your MySQL database easy as pie. :)
You can download it here:
or alternatively from here: http://phpwizard.net/projects/phpMyAdmin

There are some webspace providers on the internet that provide both MySQL
and PHP services. Some of them are free, others are not. If you want a free
one, go here: http://www.saxen.net/

If you'd like to run or test the software on your own computer, you'll
have to visit the sites mentioned above and download the required software.

You can also download a complete pre-configured suite for Windows
(including Windows 95/98/NT/2000) which contains the Apache webserver,
PHP4, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. It's available here:

Note: This bundle contains old versions of PHP and MySQL and may give
trouble when you run YapBB on these installations.

A small tip: there is an optimizer available for PHP which allows PHP
scripts to be executed faster. It's called the Zend Optimizer and it's
available for download at http://www.zend.com/download.php

 VI. Installation:

             See below for upgrading your existing YapBB. 

Installation of YapBB is pretty easy. Unzip the package to a directory on
your webserver (generally the 'document root'). Your forum now resides in
the YapBB subdirectory. Of course you can name your forum directory to
something else. For unzipping on Windows platforms, we recommend using a
tool like WinZIP (http://www.winzip.com/). For Linux you can use the
Midnight Commander (type 'mc' in a console or terminal).

Next, you have to build the database which will be used. Open up the file
setup.sql for a list of the required queries and feed those queries to the
MySQL server. You can either use phpMyAdmin to do this the easy way, or do
it the oldfashioned way. ;) Be sure to check the names of the tables in
'setup.sql' and alter them appropriatly if needed.

To build the database, without using phpMyAdmin, open a console/DOS-window
and change to the directory where the mysql binaries/executables are
located. Next, type the following:

    mysql -u root -pPASSWORD -D nameOfDatabase < setup.sql

Change 'root' to the name you will be using, 'PASSWORD' to the appropriate
password and 'nameOfDatabase' to the name of the database YapBB will be
using (default: 'YapBB'). Also make sure setup.sql is in the current
directory or append a full path to the front of it, so that MySQL can find
the file. Note that it may vary whether or not there should be a 
between '-p' and 'PASSWORD' or '-u' and 'root'. Check your MySQL
documentation for details. If you simply use '-p' and leave out 'PASSWORD',
MySQL should prompt you to enter a password.

 VII. Configuration:

Now you have to configure the software. Open up "config.inc.php" in your
favorite text editor and make sure it is loaded as a plain text file.

The contents of the configuration file should be straigtforward, but I'll
give some hints on how to edit the variables now.

  $cfgBoardDisabled        - Enter either TRUE or FALSE to disable of enable the forum completely.
                             Tip: edit 'outOfOrder.ybt' to show a descriptive message of the reason

  $cfgAnonymousUser        - Enter the nickname of the user account which will be used for anonymous posts.
                             This account must in fact exist in the database for this to work.
                             By default there already is a 'guest'-account available in the database.

  $cfgValidateSettings     - Enter either TRUE or FALSE to make YapBB validate it's settings.
                             You can set this to false when everything works to speed things up just a little.

  $cfgSiteHomeURL          - The URL of the home page associated with this forum.
                             Any valid URL is acceptable.

  $cfgDocumentRoot         - A directory on the harddisk of the server.
                             Note there has to be a trailing forward slash (' / ') in the string.
                             Windows: something like "C:/Program Files/Apache/htdocs/YapBB/"
                             Linux: something like "/home/www/YapBB/"

  $cfgBaseDirectory        - This is the URI of YapBB visible from the server.
                             This option is available because under some circumstances the server
                             mappings are not equal to values derivable from $cfgBaseDirectory.
                             This string has to start AND end with a forward slash (' / ').

  $cfgForumTitle           - The title to be displayed in the title-bar.
  $cfgSiteTitle            - The title for the link to the home page.
  $cfgEmail                - The email from which emails will appear to come and which will be included on every page.
  $cfgSiteHostName         - In some circumstances you must fill in the hostname of the server on which YapBB is installed.
                             You may leave this empty if everything works ok.
  $cfgSiteHostPort         - In some circumstances you must fill in the portnumber of the server on which YapBB is installed.
                             You may leave this empty if everything works ok.

  $cfgServerHost           - MySQL server hostname (usually localhost)
  $cfgServerPort           - MySQL server port (leave empty for default, which is 3306)
  $cfgServerUser           - MySQL user account to use
  $cfgServerPassword       - MySQL password to use

  $cfgDatabase['database'] - This contains the name of the database in which YapBB's tables are stored.

A little further down in the config file is a section which contains the
list of names of the tables to use. Also make sure that list is correct.

There are many more options, but the ones listed above are the most
important ones. They need to be correct in order to let YapBB work


The following values are correct by default, but may be changed to tweak
the forum:

  $cfgIncludeDirectory  - Directory in which the YapBB include-files reside
  $cfgTemplateDirectory - Directory in which to look for templates
  $cfgTmpDirectory      - Directory to store temporary files in.

These directories are all supposed to be subdirectories of YapBB, but you
may be able to move these below even the document-root of the webserver, so
that they are no longer visible to webbrowsers and such. Just append as
many "../" parts to the front as needed. Note that these variables do NOT
have a "/" as a first character and that the last character MUST be a "/".
By default this is the case.


The following are an other kind of directories than the ones mentioned
above. These directories will become part of a full URL and should
therefore be visible on the webserver.

  $cfgImageDirectory   - Normally a subdirectory of $cfgDocumentRoot
  $cfgAvatarDirectory  - Normally a subdirectory of $cfgImageDirectory
  $cfgSmiliesDirectory - Normally a subdirectory of $cfgImageDirectory

As with the previous directories, these ones do no not start with a "/",
but do end with one.


A special note about $cfgAdminPage: If you change the name of the file
'controlPanel.php' (which you are encouraged to do), you have to change
the name here as well, or you'll won't be able to administer the forum on
the admin pages when the board has been 'turned off' (see $cfgBoardDisabled
in 'config.inc.php').

If you wish, you can take a look at the rest of the contents of the
configuration file. The rest of the options allow you to change the way how
YapBB looks and feels. It may be worthwhile if you'd like to customize
it to your special wishes.

 VIII. Basic Administration:

Now it's time to create some Categories ('boards') and Forums (which are
part of those boards).

Open the file 'controlPanel.php' in your webbrowser. You are required to be
logged in as an administrator first to be able to administer the forum. The
standard administrator's login data are:

  Nickname: Admin23
  Password: 11111111

It is advised that you change the login data as soon as possible to prevent
malicious visitors from abusing that account! You can do this by clicking
on the 'Profile' link which is located on nearly every page. You have to be
logged in for this link to be visible.

Next, in the control panel, click on 'Add a new category' and enter the
description. You may also specify a 'position' for each category. By
default every position is 0, which means that newly created categories
appear on the main page in the order they were created. By specifying a
higher number, the position will be lower in the list. Initially the number
of positions you can choose from will be limited, but it will grow as you
add new categories.

Your category will be created when you press 'Create'. Next, click on the
'View forums' link to the right of the newly created category's name. The
list of forums will be empty, but you can add new ones with the
'Add new forum' link. All the properties of the new forum should be
straigtforward. As with the categories, here also is a 'position' list
which works in a similar manner as the one with the categories.

Repeat this process of creating categories and forums as you see fit.

You are urged to rename the file 'controlPanel.php' to something else
(while retaining the .php extension). Though this file is password-
protected (only super users are allowed to browse this page), all
precautions should be taken to prevent abuse. Don't forget to afterwards
set the variable $cfgAdminPage in the file 'config.inc.php' as well.

Note that you HAVE to have a cookie-enabled browser in order to administer
your forum! When you log in, a cookie is placed containing a special
identifaction. Later, when you access the admin pages, that identification
is validated, so that no unauthorized users can access the admin pages.

 IX. Upgrading:

                     Upgrading from 1.0 or 1.0a to 1.1:

It is important that you follow these 4 simple steps to ensure your upgrade
will be performed correctly. It is assumed your current installation is
configured correctly.


1. Place 'convert1011.php' in the same directory as 'config.inc.php'.
2. Open the page in your webbrowser, fill in the requested info and press
3. After the upgrade, replace your existing files with the ones in the zip.
4. Edit 'config.inc.php' to configure your new installation of YapBB.

It is important you perform the database upgrade BEFORE replacing your
existing files! If you replace the files prior to upgrading the database,
the database upgrade script will fail.

                   Applying patches (latest_update.zip):

When upgrading your existing version of YapBB, you are adviced to replace
ALL existing files with new ones in the zip file and afterwards make all
the necessary modifications to e.g. 'config.inc.php'.

Note that you CAN NOT use patches for the 1.0x family on a YapBB 1.1

 X. Customization:

In the new 1.1 version of YapBB, layout is strictly a matter of customizing
the *.ybt files in the 'templates' subdirectory. Each template-set (theme
if you will) has his own subdirectory within the 'templates' subdirectory.

These template files are simple HTML files which you can edit in your HTML
editor or text editor. In these template files you will find many
occurances of texts in the form of {varName}. These pieces resemble PHP
variables and will be replaced by their actual values when the template is

If you are only interested in changing the coloring scheme, you can
accomplish this by altering the accompanying style.php file within the
templates directory of you choice.

For more detailed information on customizing the look and feel of YapBB,
please consult SDK.TXT. It also contains information about the 'standards'
each template file should conform to.

To insert your own set of smilies into your forum, open up 'smilies.php'
and change the contents of the array. Note that the 'text' part of this
array may be left empty. Thay way, you can still select it as an emoticon
accompanying the messages, but cannot actually use it *in* any messages.

 XI. Missing features:

The following features are 'missing' in this version, though they appear
to be available. If you can find them.. ;) you can disable the hyperlinks
for some of these functions.

 * Mail this page to a friend.
 * Ban-functions (put a ban on an user or IP).
 * Restricting email hosts. (e.g. web-based ones)

 XII. Planned features:

In no particular order: :)

 * Implementing the missing features (see above). Duh... :)
 * Extending the control panel capabilities.
 * EZ installation script.
 * Forum statistics. /me likes statistics!
 * An email page, to send admins/moderators and users emails (who have
   opted to receive such emails). No need to start your email client.
 * Include full avatar selection capabilities (user-identifyable icons
   besides each post).
 * Saving redundant information, so that deletion of users-accounts from
   the database won't mess up things. :)
 * Allowing user-accounts to be deleted (in stead of simply de-activating
 * A check for proper support of sending out email. So far it won't work
   on all platforms. :(
 * Making the output more compatible with Netscape and other browsers.
   Fortunately this now only is a matter of modifying the templates. :)
 * A cookie-detection system, to notify users whether or not cookies are
   turned on, so that a little notification can be given when using the
 * Next to email notification (of when a reply has been given to a thread
   you are subscribed to), opt for notification via ICQ.
 * Send private messages to users.
 * Maybe even a spell checker, using an external site... I'll have to find
   this site again first though. :o)
 * Allow administrators to sort the contents of 'whosregistered.php' by any
   visible collumn.
 * A better system with which you can define rights to different groupt of
   users. Currently you are stuck to the 4 groups which are hard-coded.
 * Enhanced template engine.

 XIII. Known bugs:

 * On some pages you are required to be logged in. If you are not, you are
   redirected to the login page. After you have logged in, you return to
   the list of forums, in stead of to the page where you originally clicked
   the login link.
 * You have to already be logged in to administer the board, before you
   'switched off' the board in the configuration.
 * We have found that sometimes when the session cookie (PHP4 native) is
   initialized, some malformed pages are sent out. Just press refresh to
 * The system that takes care of sending out topic change notifications
   isn't flawless. The system does not operate independantly (through e.g.
   a cronjob) but depends on visitors posting new messages. If no new
   messages are posted after the 'timer' resets, the latest notification is
   never sent.
 * The registerdate of the administrator defaults to somewhere in 1970,
   possibly even 1969. This is because there is no information available
   about when the default administrator registered.

 XIV: Reporting bugs:

If you want to report a bug or problem, please include details of what you
think that caused the problem, any error-messages and possibly an URL to
the page causing trouble, so that we can check things out for ourselves.

You can contact us by email, but preferably visit the demo forum and post a
message there.

 - http://yapbb.sourceforge.net/forum/
 - contact@yapbb.net

 XV. Updates:

As soon as we find a critical bug, which would prevent normal operation of
the board, we'll post an update on the home page, but will not announce it
on freshmeat (the place where it started all, you could say :)). When you
find such a problem, please download the special update first. If you
conclude that the update doesn't correct the problem, please send us a
note. (see reporting bugs)

 - http://www.yapbb.net/

 XVI. Changes:

New in 1.1 (07 Apr 2001)
 * YapBB is now completely compatible with PHP3!
 + An announcement system - Moderators and administrators can now 'promote'
   simple topics to announcements. Announcements are references to these
   topics and are shown on the frontpage.
 * Improved the error-handling for posting messages. Imagine typing an
   enormously lengthy message, making a typo while entering your password
   and only to find your message whiped from the input field after you
   press the 'Back' button on your browser after you read the error
 + Now it's possible to post anonymous messages! (Option can be turned on
   or off by the administrator.)
 + Visitors are now able to select their own prefered layout (if others are
 + Allow admins and visitors to set their timezones and other new options.
 + A basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is added. You are encouraged to
   review and edit it. If you think you have valuable additions, feel free
   to mail them to us, so we can add them as well.
 * Fixed another set of bugs (on more than one occasion) which would
   prevent users from registering or updating their profiles correctly.
 + Being able to delete a post.
 + Added quite some extra information to this readme.
 * Drastical expansion and redesign of the database structures.
 - Removed the default list of e-mail providers to ban, for as long as
   there's no 'manager' for this list.
 + Added a general on/off switch for the forum, including a new page
   'outOfOrder.php', which is showed when the board-operator had disabled
   the forum.
 + An announcements system. Moderators/administrators can promote topics to
   announcements, which will then be shown on the front page.
 * Fixed a problem with the password encryptor.
 * It was still possible to register twice with the same email adress. Now
   not anymore. Thanks to Marco Boon.
 * He also pointed out that moderators were unable to post messages and
   read topics (when logged in), due to an error in some MySQL queries.
 * Enhanced the administrative functions of 'whosregistered.php' a bit.
 + Some small additions to the main administrative pages.
 * And fixed a little bug there too (occured when deleting empty forums).
 - Discontinued the use of the class mime_mail, because some web-based
   email providers were reportedly unable to handle registration email-
   messages. Thanks to Morten Vitved.
 * Replaced the 'ek'-smiley with the 'shout'-smiley.
 * Fixed the need for the 'double' }> (devilish grin) smiley.
 * Optimized the 'forum-hopper' a bit, thanks to Tom Beddard.
 * Made the MySQL error handling more robust.
 * Replaced the MySQLquery class with another one, which will make future
   support for non-MySQL db's easier to implement.
 * Added a routine for inserting topics for 'special' servers that do not
   properly support the mysql_insert_id() function.
 + Added new HTML-like YBB tags ([code], [url=], [s] (strike-through),
   [list], [edit], [img2] (for large images) and [offtopic]).
 + Plus, you can use '/me' for IRC-style scizophrenia and [you] to address
   the reader directly.
 * We made the source code and documentation 'UNIX-compatible'.
   (all \r\n in the script files/documentation files are converted to \n)
 * Changed the URL of the home page and email address (more than once
   actually ;)).
 + Introduced a co-programmer to the project! Everybody say hello to Sven!
 + Search function: search for topics (description and contents) and users.
 + Templates, templates, templates!
 * Allowing full control over the appearance by allowing you to specify a
   CSS file to include.
 + Display printer-friendly version of topics.
 - Removed the option for JavaScript pages from the settings page. This is
   now implemented in one of the available template sets.
 + One "Super user" (now: "Administrator"), which is 'above' administrator
   (now: "Global moderator") level.
 + Started basic support for PHP3 sessions. YapBB does NOT run on PHP3 yet.
 - Removed 'index.php' and replaced it with 'index.html'. This should
   decrease the initial access time and serverload a bit.
 + Optionally compress the output before it is sent to the browser.
 + Include an icon in the user's favorites, when a page of the forum has
   been bookmarked.
 * It's now possible to alfabetise and split the list of users that are
   'online/registered'. Previously a complete list of all applicable users
   was generated. On a forum that has many, many users, this situation was
   not practical.
 + Additionally, a new control panel for easy configuration, after the
   board has been set up. It features all the functionality of the old
   admin pages and additionally many new things.
 + A flood protector. Picture this situation: An user submits a message but
   grows impatient because sending the result of the action takes too long.
   Then he presses the submit button again. A sample result could be that
   the user has posted the message twice. The flood protector allows users
   to submit only one message, say every 30 seconds.
 * Previously, categories and forums were ordered by the value of their
   'id' field in the database, but now you can specify your own index for
   records of both databases and rearange the items as you see fit.
 * Many changes in the configuration file, including default values.
 * When clicking on the blue arrow next to a 'Last Post', occasionally the
   wrong post received focus. Now not anymore. :)
 * Under some circumstances, when using characters that normally require
   'escaping' with a '\', would cause those slashes would be displayed as
   well. This should now be completely fixed.
 * A different reply-to system; quotes, codes and pictures in the message
   replied upon, are now automatically stripped.
 + Indication of whether or not there are new posts in topics/forums.
 * Different method of storing cookies. All values are now stored into one
   array and then serialized.
 * Bug fix which allowed to new posts in locked topics. Thanks to johnny
 * More descriptive and user-friendly error-pages.
 + You now really are able to subscribe/unsubscribe to threads and receive
   notifications of new posts in them by email.
 * An new way of registering is introduced: now when you register, you can
   choose your own password right away. In stead of sending a random
   password to the registrant, an activation code is sent. This code has to
   be entered the first time the registrant wants to login. Note that an
   account has to be activated first before it can be used at all.
 - Removed the 'Sites running YapBB' section from this README.
 * Generally cleaned up the code quite a bit and finally, finally commented
   the whole lot.
 * Lots of cosmetic changes.

(Note that many of these bugfixes were already made available to 1.0a.)

New in 1.0a (19 Aug 2000)
 * A bug was fixed in the administration page. Nothing serious though. :) A
   non-essential hyperlink wasn't working.
 * You can now specify custom names for tables in the database.
 * I somewhere forgot a ';' in register.php. :( It has been corrected.
 * In register.php and profile.php is mistakenly used str_len() in stead of
   strlen(). Thanks to StefanOnline for pointing that out.
 * Small cosmetic changes.

New in 1.0 (18 Aug 2000)
 Initial release.

 XVII. Newsletter:


You can subscribe on either the page mentioned above, or by using the
following email address:


(put the word 'help' in the body of your email to receive instructions)

 XVIII. Home page:

You can always download the latest version from: http://www.yapbb.net/

Alternately: http://yapbb.sourceforge.net/
http://www.geocities.com/yapbb_crew/ and

Also, check http://freshmeat.net/projects/YapBB/ for anouncements.

Located at this homepage, we have also set up a demo-site for YapBB. It's
at: http://yapbb.sourceforge.net/forum/

 XIX. Authors:

Yup, that's us. :) I'm Arno van der Kolk, a 20 year-old dude from
The Netherlands. Currently, I'm studying Informatics, 3rd year of a 4 year
study. And this actually is my first PHP project. :) Darn, wish I had more
time for this....

At a certain point I wanted to have my own forum on my site. I checked out
some of the available alternatives, but found none satisfactory. Some where
limited in functionality (a 'lite' of the full -commercial- product), some
just didn't match my taste, so I decided to write my own implementation of
a forum. And this is the result! I hope you like it. :) Well, hey, drop us
a note and tell us what you think!



I am Sven Vintges, I am also studying Information Technology.
I joined the YapBB team after Arno asked me to.
Because I really didn't know much about PHP I agreed to help. This way I 
learned a lot about PHP en MySQL....
Well if you have any suggestions? You know how to contact us....

Greetz Sven

You can contact us at contact@yapbb.net

 XX. Credits:

There are some fellows we'd like to thank, who have knowingly or
unknowingly contrubuted to the realisation of this project.

The following people created the respective smilies, included with this
software (check HTML-version for proper display of emoticons):
 * 'Monica': [ :) |( :+ :D ;) ] (originally included with Ultimate Bulletin
 * Reinder Gerritsen aka Firefox: [ }> :'( :P :9 :o :7 :r }:O :* ]
   Check out the great site at which these emoticons first appeared:
   http://www.tweakers.net (contact: femme@tweakers.net)
   It's all about computers, hardware, software, reviews, etc, etc.
 * RazorBlade: [ 8)7 :? B) :!) :O< ] Created and  by RazorBlade
 * HlpDsK: [ :party: ] Created and  by HlpDsK  2000
 * aragorn: [ 8D ]
 * blimmel@blimmel.demon.nl: [ :') ]
 * We don't know who created: [ :~ |o ]
 * Arno created [ :( ]

  Note: If you wish to include these smilies into your own forum and/or
  software, please consult with the appropriate creator (when possible).

Beta testing:
 * Milenco
 * RazorBlade
 * Cheeky
 * DrSpider
 * zetje
 * Yoram (a special Thank You to Yoram for being so kind as to host an
   early pre-release-test version of YapBB!!)
 * Thunderbird helped us check the documentation, twice! :)
 * Stephan Eizinga  found some bugs.
 * Marco Boon also found some bugs.
 * Morten Vitved pointed out that some web-base email providers were having
   difficulties processing the emails sent out by YapBB.
 * Lizzy, who kept on asking questions. ;)
 * Andries Bruinsma & co for testing the 1.1 beta.
 * johnny appleseed provided us with meaningful feedback. We salute thee.
 * Paul Mullet was very kind to provide us with a full 1.0a datatabase,
   which we used to test the conversion script on. Many thanks go out to

 * snoopy class: Monte Ohrt ,
 * Email validation library: Nick Smith, nas@bi.org, http://bi.org/php/
   We used one of his functions as a base for a random password generator.
 * MySQL class by breker@multimedialesdesign.de
 * jnijboer supplied us with some new YBB code.
 * Arien@gathering.tweakers.net helped us out with some of the other YBB
 * For now, we used some of the icons from the UBB software
 * Heavily modified version of template class by Richard Heyes
 * Slightly customized version of Joshua Macedam's session file
 * Thanks to Kaj Schulten @ www.tweakers.net for allowing us to use their
   forum's FAQ as a base for YapBB's.

Special thanks to Paul Kruyt for getting me (Arno) to dive into PHP anyway!
And... helping me out with the sessions-stuff (for starters ;) ).

If anyone feels that we have missed him/her, please let us know and we'll
correct it. And... if you feel you shouldn't be on this list... well, let
us know too. ;)

 XXI. Special notice:

Presently we will NOT answer questions you may have regarding the source
code of this program. If you are having installation problems, we'd be
happy to help out, but *only* if your server has already been configured
correctly to run PHP scripts. Note that pre 1.1 versions of YapBB DO NOT
RUN ON PHP3 SERVERS. You can test if your PHP server works; create a file
called 'test.php' in your webserver's directory and put the following line
in it:

Now, open the file in your webbrowser. If you see a list of data, everying
is working fine. If nothing shows up at all (or only that one line of
code), PHP has *not* been correctly installed.

We don't have the time to help out everyone with such trivial problems, so
please consult the many resources that are availlable on the internet.

 XXII. Links:

 - The official home page of YapBB + alternate link.

 - The official YapBB newsletter.

 - Check here for updates.

 - A great site for the computing nerd.

 - You can download one of the best web servers from here.

 - Download the PHP4 script interpreter from here.

 - The Zend PHP Optimizer is available here.

 - Grab MySQL from here.

 - Download phpMyAdmin from here.

 - Free, online hosting of your website, with PHP and MySQL

 - A complete, pre-configured package for Windows, containing Apache, PHP4,
   MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

 XXIII. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. After I installed YapBB and entered the forum, I get:
    Parse error: parse error in include/global.php on line 89

A1. Most likely you got PHP3 installed on your server. Either upgrade to
    PHP4 if possible or download a new version of YapBB, which includes
    support for PHP3.

Q2. I get these stupid warnings that variables are not initialised.

A2. Make sure that this line is in PHP.INI:
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE ;Show all errors except for notices

Q3. Where are all the settings that control the appearance of YapBB?

A3. The look and feel is now controlled by template files, which can be
    found in the 'templates' subdirectory. All the *.ybt files are
    actually HTML files, but are incomplete. They are incomplete in the
    sence that they only contain the layout/structure of the end result.
    The contents (or data) is still generated within all *.php files.
    A central CSS file (style.php) in the directory that contains your
    template contains all the information needed to alter the appearance of
    YapBB. To also alter the structure of the end result, you'll also need
    to edit the *.ybt files.

Q4. I get these vague errors saying something with 'pe:' or 'ue:'. What are

A4. These are generally debugging messages. Under normal circumstances,
    these messages should not surface. However, if you've done something
    that wasn't unexpected, they may occur. Please contact us for details.
    If you do, please include the original error message and a description
    of what you think you did that caused the error.

Q5. I get this warning (or similar). What should I do?

    Warning: open(d:/phpdev/tmp\sess_f3c8361eebcc29f5e6acb3f2382ae70c, O_RDWR) failed: m (2) in include/global.php on line 734

A5. Fortunately, this is not an error caused by YapBB. It is due to a
    misconfigured PHP installation. To solve, simply create a directory
    called 'tmp' in the root of the disc on which PHP is installed.
    Alternatively, you can open up your PHP.INI file and find any
    occurances of '/tmp' and change them to match your correct 'temp'
    directory. (usually C:\WINDOWS\TEMP on Windows platforms)

Q6. MySQL said: Got error XXX from table handler
    What does this mean?

A6. This is probably not an error generated by YapBB, but rather by MySQL.
    Possible causes may be a corrupted MySQL database. Consult the MySQL
    documentation at http://www.mysql.com/